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Tips For Land Clearing From a Somerset, NJ Land Clearing Expert

06.03.2023 0 Comments

Land clearing is not a simple task, and this is why you need a Montgomery, NJ land clearing professional to come in and assist you with the project. When you invest in a piece of land, the first step before doing anything else is to think about land clearing and how to go about the entire project. In a majority of cases, land clearing is usually not an expensive process, and you can easily clear your land if you have the right skills and tools.

However, for larger pieces of land, clearing can be challenging, as it may require more time and resources than you can spare. Depending on the size and topography of your land, you need to be adequately prepared in good time to ensure the project succeeds.

The following are tips and guidelines that will enable you to have a successful Montgomery, NJ land clearing project.

Get the Proper Tools

Without having the right type of tools, you will not be able to effectively clear your land. The types of tools selected for land clearing depend on the size of your land, the amount of trees and debris, and any other kind of debris present on the land. If your piece of land is small or only has a few trees and shrubs, you will be able to easily clear your land using basic and simple hand tools, such as a hand saw and shovel. This is a straightforward exercise that you can perform on your own without the help of a land clearing expert in Montgomery, NJ.

On the other hand, large tracts of land with a lot of trees, shrubs, and debris require more sophisticated and aggressive tools to effectively clear the land. In this case, some of the tools needed for extensive land clearing processes include bulldozers, chainsaws, backhoes, and other kinds of equipment. With the right kind of tools, you will not only get to do a good job clearing your land, but save time that can be channeled into other useful activities.

Begin Clearing the Low Bushes

When clearing land, many people tend to underestimate small shrubs, tiny trees, and grass, yet they can make land clearing more difficult and complicated, as they can act like a curtain hiding larger problems. Using a brush hog, first begin clearing your land by cutting through grass, overgrown bushes, and small trees. When you first clear the undergrowth, it becomes easier to identify larger trees and shrubs that need to be removed. Starting with low bushes is an excellent strategy that paves the way for the removal of larger bushes, trees, and shrubs.

Have Sharp Equipment

Even if you have your tools in possession, you need to ensure all of them are sharpened in advance before you embark on a Montgomery, NJ land clearing project. All the blades should be sharp enough to handle all of the trees, shrubs, and grass that you need to get rid of. The problem of having blunt tools is that you’ll end up wasting a lot of time, as it will take longer to complete a task which is usually frustrating. On top of them, poorly maintained tools are much more dangerous than tools that have been properly maintained. Ensure your tools and equipment are in perfect condition to finish your project on time.

Verify and Apply for the Necessary Permits

Depending on your location, there are some permits and approvals that you need before you are allowed to clear land. Some local authorities have laws that stipulate and control how to properly dispose of any debris from land clearing. The size of your land as well as your proximity to public facilities such as roads, schools, and hospitals are some of the factors that may compel you to look for the required permits before you can begin land clearing. If you intend to use noisy machinery, you also have to apply for a noise permit from the relevant authorities.

You may also be living in an area where there are strict regulations regarding the do’s and don’ts of composting, tree removal, and building. Most authorities classify land clearing as an exercise that damages the environment, so you need to get permission before doing anything. If you’re not aware of the local laws, you need to research and know what is expected of you to avoid getting into trouble with the authorities. Alternatively, using a reputable Montgomery, NJ land clearing company will give you peace of mind from knowing that all permit applications and approvals will be handled on your behalf.

Mark the Trees You Intend to Keep

When working with large equipment and machinery to clear your land, chances are high you may remove sections that you initially had intended to keep. This is because when using machinery, you may not clearly see everything on the ground. For this reason, Montgomery, NJ land clearing experts advise you to clearly mark any trees or features on your land you wouldn’t wish to remove.

Know How to Deal with Debris

Once you’ve completed a Montgomery, NJ land clearing project, you will have debris that you need to figure out what to do with. For instance, you need to know where to take fallen trees or shrubs before you can finalize clearing your land. Research in advance on how to deal with debris, as there are creative ways of dealing with debris, such as turning it into mulch or compost.

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