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Advice From a Bedminster NJ Tree Trimming Company On Good Tree Trimming Tips

Advice From a Bedminster NJ Tree Trimming Company On Good Tree Trimming Tips

22.02.2019 0 Comments

Tree trimming is an important activity if you’re a property owner. If you own trees, it is important to engage the services of a professional Bedminster, NJ tree trimming company for the best outcome. However, if you insist on trimming trees on your own, you should be knowledgeable so that you avoid bad pruning practices that can end up ruining your entire tree plantation. Trimming a tree is not as simple and straightforward as many people think; it is an art that requires professionalism and skill.

Abornists take years to learn and master the skill of tree pruning, so if you’re planning to do this on your own, you should know about the do’s and don’ts of tree trimming. With this comprehensive guideline, you’re ready to embark on your project without making blunders that will compromise the entire project. Nowadays, there is sufficient information out there from numerous Bedminster, NJ tree trimming company experts that offer you practical tips for tree trimming.


Follow The Rules

It is important to observe proper trimming practices, as violating the rules can cause irreversible damage to the tree. If you aren’t sure about what you need to do, seek the advice of a Bedminster, NJ tree trimming company. This way, you can have on hand the best practices that apply to different trees and how you should prune your trees at different times of the year. Sticking by the rules will help you to avoid mistakes.

Inspect the Trees

It is important to carefully inspect all of your trees at regular intervals to determine whether they need to be trimmed or not. Doing this is especially critical after heavy winds or a storm, as pruning may be necessary to get rid of branches that have been damaged or broken. When you do this, you shall avoid getting ambushed with falling branches that could cause damage that could have been avoided if prior inspection had been carried out.

Prune Overgrown Trees

Overgrown trees with excess foliage should be pruned regularly to ensure you have a neat looking yard. In addition, Bedminster, NJ tree trimming company tips emphasize on pruning branches that are located close to your house. Doing this is critical, as it safeguards your house from loose branches that could fall anytime and damage your house.

Prune to Encourage Fruit and Flower Production

One awesome way of boosting flower and fruit production on your trees is to regularly prune them. This presents a great chance to create favorable conditions that encourage fruits and flowers to grow faster and become healthier.

Prune Diseased and Dead Branches

If you want to have healthy trees, you should get rid of dead and diseased branches. By doing this, you not only curb the spread of diseases but prevent the risk of branches falling on your house, car, powerlines, or neighbor’s property.

While it’s important to know what you should do, if you’re not using a Bedminster, NJ tree trimming company for your project, it’s equally important to be aware of what you shouldn’t do when trimming your trees.


Climb Trees Without Appropriate Gear

Never climb up trees unless you have put on the appropriate climbing gear. Accidents of people falling from trees and getting seriously injured have been reported, and for this reason it is advisable to first acquire the right gear before beginning a tree trimming project.

Trim Trees Near Powerlines

You shouldn’t attempt to prune trees near power lines or transformers, since you risk getting electrocuted if the branches come into contact with live wires. In addition, there is a risk of causing a blackout in the entire neighborhood should a branch accidentally fall on a power line and damage it. If you wish to trim trees near power lines, you should involve a tree trimming company in Bedminster, NJ that will make the necessary arrangements with power companies to facilitate the exercise.

Prune High Branches

If you’re not qualified or you lack the right equipment, never try to trim trees that are too high for you to reach. Using tools such as chainsaws on high branches is extremely risky, as you can easily get into an accident, and where chainsaws are involved accidents can easily involve lost limbs. If you find yourself having to use a ladder to reach branches that need to be pruned, it’s better to engage the services of a Bedminster, NJ tree trimming company.

Trim Too Much

While tree trimming is an exercise that is associated with numerous benefits, it is advisable to prune no more that 25% of a single tree’s foliage at a go or within a short span of time. When you overtrim, chances are high a tree can easily get damaged. When pruning, you need to be careful just how much you intend to prune.

Use Paints and Sealers After Pruning

After you’re done trimming your trees, you should avoid using products such as sealer or paint to cover wounds. Doing this unfortunately leads to moisture retention, which causes trees to begin rotting. If you have to use any products, consult with an expert from a Bedminster, NJ tree trimming company for recommendations.

Tree trimming can be an exciting exercise so long as you are familiar with the rules and stick by them. If you’re opting for a do-it-yourself approach, you need to do sufficient research and get know what is expected of you.

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