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Winter is here, now what? A To do list from an Arborist in Hunterdon County.

07.01.2020 0 Comments

With the holiday season coming to a close, the time has come to prepare your property for the next season…spring!!!!!

Brainstorming and Planning:

Now is a perfect time for you to walk your property and come up with a list of all the landscape changes and upgrades you would like to make to your property. You know the tree that hasn’t been trimmed in 5 years, or the flower beds that have not been re-edged since you moved in? Include all items you think of both big and small on the list.

Health and Safety

Remember that trees that are unhealthy can be unsafe. Do a walkthrough of your property and mark all trees and shrubs that you feel may be unhealthy, so that they can be evaluated as well.

Get an Estimate

Now that your list is complete call your local tree or landscaping company and schedule an estimate. Remember to make sure the expert you call is fully licensed and insured and that he has many years of experience. Have the estimator do a thorough walk through of the property and create two separate estimates for you.

The first estimate should include only the work that is required to maintain the health and safety of your trees and shrubs.

The second estimate should be for the changes and upgrades you were hoping to have done on your property.

Tip: M & A Tree Services provides estimates free of charge!

Schedule the Work

Most homeowners don’t call their landscaping or tree service companies until early march. At that time arborist are extremely busy and there can be a wait of at least 2-3 weeks before work can be done.

By having your estimate in hand in January you are able to sign a contract and schedule your work for early spring and beat the rush!

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